Rising Leaders Summits

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Rising Leaders Summits are held semi-annually at the Global Liberty Institute in the United States, in Switzerland, and in selected regional Global Liberty Institute chapters

Rising Leaders Summits educate, develop, and mentor young critical thinkers in the private and public sectors, in order to amplify their impact on the key goals of GLI: restoring individual and economic freedoms and preserving the future of free societies across the globe.

RLS participants are selected by the Global Liberty Institute in recognition of their talent and leadership skills, distinguished achievements, evidence of courage and independent thinking, and commitment to economic, individual, social, and political liberty, including the safeguarding of the public's access to objective information free from political or other censorship.

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The purpose of the program

The purpose of the program is to explore reforms and policies that ensure individual and economic freedom in the corporate world, on campuses, and in the public policy, all of which are fundamental to safeguarding the opportunities for health and prosperity for individuals and families. A substantial component of the program is networking with senior mentors who are well established as leaders in private and public sector positions. We will focus on six key areas of analysis essential to these goals: economic policy for a free society, health policy and autonomy, media neutrality and technology, education and free speech, entrepreneurship and innovation, and results-driven policies for energy and the climate. In a broader sense, the Summits will address how to ensure the free exchange of ideas fundamental to a free society, without political or other agendas and free from academic and media censorship

The process of participating in the Rising Leaders Summit is initiated by either nomination or self-application to the GLI.

The process of participating in the Rising Leaders Summit is initiated by either nomination or self-application to the GLI. The two-day program is a competitive process requiring a letter of reference. This program is open to members of the private sector, public sector, and academia in early stages of their careers. In some cases, participants will come from first attending a regional Rising Leaders Summit in a national or regional chapter of the GLI.  A Rising Leader may have a background or be affiliated with any field, including but not limited to economics, business, journalism, law, medicine, politics, education, philanthropy, science, entrepreneurship, the arts, or any other field engaged in activities that benefit the public good. Early career professionals, and those who have completed degree-granting programs within the past ten years may apply.

Opportunity for Sponsorship

Companies, organizations and individuals can sponsor Rising Leaders to attend the program with tax-deductible contributions.
Please contact us at contact@global-liberty.org for details.

2023 Rising Leaders Summits:

February, 2023 Palm Beach, Florida, USA

September, 2023 Dallas, Texas, USA

October, 2023 Zurich, Switzerland

2024 Rising Leaders Summits:

February, 2024 Palm Beach, Florida, USA

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